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Built-In Backup Systems

Moving data to the Cloud creates extra layers of security as data is available from any device at any time. Combined with regular backups, data is safe, secure, and accessible.

Cheaper Replacements

As applications and services are stored and run remotely, your business can get more out of older or less powerful hardware, such as cloud-based computers and tablets.

No Servers to Maintain

Almost any business can reduce server costs by migrating data to the Cloud. Not only are local servers unnecessary, the maintenance is covered by the provider.

Utilizing the Cloud is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your business' technological setup. "The Cloud" refers to any data or application that is stored or operated by remote servers. From the user's perspective, this means that to access Cloud-based data or run Cloud-based programs, the user only needs to connect his or her device to the service - the remote server is doing the heavy leg work. All of the expenses of servers, including maintenance, upgrades, and onerous networking requirements, are handled by a service provider, not your business.

Every day, new providers allow for powerful new options. Services like Dropbox and Office 365 allow users to save, share, and backup documents to the cloud and all of their devices. Google, Microsoft, and Apple have powerful text editors, spreadsheet programs, and email management systems available that can replace the traditional Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook programs for many users. Even accounting software from Intuit (QuickBooks) and Sage is available in the Cloud, essentially bypassing the complex setup traditionally required for enterprise configurations.

The bottom line is that for reasonable subscription fees, businesses can leverage the computer power formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. I make it a point to keep up with the quickly changing landscape and can offer businesses a thorough analysis of any Cloud-based solution.