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One-On-One Training

Regardless of whether I set up new systems for your business, I have the knowledge and experience to teach employees how to use virtually any software or hardware product.

System Simulations

As part of any training program, I typically create highly customized exercises that simulate real life situations to help your workforce succeed on new technology.

Assistive Materials Preparation

Beyond classroom-style teaching, I can also develop handbooks, instruction manuals, and audio/video presentations to help train management and staff.

Designing technology systems and solving business' problems is only part of a technology consultant's job. Equally important is the ability to train users so that they can leverage the power of their new setup. Every change requires training, and I truly love teaching people how use systems I have designed.

Proper training requires patience and in-depth knowledge of the new system in addition to the old system the user is used to. Unlike many IT professionals I have encountered both as an employee and as a business owner, I love interacting with people, answering questions, and designing effective training programs. Regardless of the system, I know that I can help make its implementation smoother and more rapidly productive.