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Preserve Older Systems

Virtualizing older, unsupported systems and programs gives those systems new life on new, supported hardware.

Modular Solutions

Virtual machines can be easily moved between computers or shared on a network, allowing for maxium flexibility.

Save on Upgrades

By virtualizing end-of-life software, your business can avoid the cost of expensive replacements and upgrades.

As hardware and software life-cycles continue to shorten and subscrption-based licesing becomes the norm, virtualization is an attractive solution that can save businesses money, both in terms of upgrade costs, but also with regard to the attendant implementation and training inherent in new systems. The idea of virtualization is that we can take an existing computer and convert it into its own portable program that can then be run on any other device. For example, a company may have a manjfacturing program designed to work on Windows XP, which is no longer supported. We can convert that Windows XP computer to a virtual machine such that WIndows XP and the manufacturing software will run on new computers. This avoids having to purchase new manufacturing software that runs on supported versions of Windows.

We have also used legacy virutualization as an emergency fix where an older computer crashes and the business requres access to data or programs. Additionally, virtual machines are extremely flexible, allowing simple backup and easy migration from one computer to another, or even sharing the virtual machine across a network. Moreover, virtual machines can overcome the security risks of older operating systems by running those systems as a program in a secure, modern operating system. The concepts are complicated, but the results can extremely benfificial to any business.