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Desktop Access from Anywhere

Your office computer's desktop and your most important documents and media can be made securely accessible from anywhere on virtually any device.

Bring Your Own Computer

Because most employees already have a laptop or tablet, businesses can make work computers accessible to employees away from the office using personal hardware.

An Office on Your Tablet

With any modern tablet or iPad and a high speed internet connection, you can take advantage of another computer's power and applications from anywhere.

One of the primary focuses of Delcour Solutions has been connecting owners and employees to their offices. Many of my clients, like me, frequently work from the road. Other clients are trying to efficiently manage multiple locations, while others are trying cut commuting times by working from home. Regardless of your situation, having the ability to connect to your virtual office from any location gives you flexibility along with the security that you will always have access to essential work whenever the need arises.

Remote computing options allow users to connect to their workstations through nearly any device, including iPads, Android tablets, and virtually any computer. In fact, remote computing lessens the necessity for powerful mobile options because all of the real computing is being handled by the remote machine. This means savings for your business when it comes to making your workers mobile.

Through a combination of cloud-based services and remote desktop services, I am a specialist at making the inaccessible accessible in ways that fit your workflow and your life. For more information, shoot me an email or give me a call.