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Innovative and Creative Ideas

Whatever your technological problem, I have the expertise to evaluate your current setup and recommend alternatives to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Strong communication is the key to developing optimal outcomes. I always listen to my clients' needs and respond to their concerns - no problem is ever treated as routine.

Attention to Every Detail

Even the simplest technology setup can lead to catastrophic consequences for current and future infrastructure. I always design solutions with an eye to the future.

Whether managing the books, organizing schedules, keeping connected with employees and their work, or managing formulation and distribution of a product, the hardware and software choices you make today will dictate the future of how your business runs. I have the expertise and experience to properly guide your business in making the best technology choices, minimizing present and future costs while sending your business in a trajectory for growth.

If you are an enterprise of one or a company with its own IT department, allow my fresh perspective to enable you to creatively and efficiently solve your technology problems. Beyond advising with regard to technology products, I also can help with implementation and training. I have yet to encounter a technology problem that cannot be solved with creative thinking, product knowledge, and attention to detail.